Corrican Alanos Españoles

Corrican spanish alano bloodline

Last year, we celebrated 20 years selecting, breeding, and working with Spanish alano (Old spanish bulldog). We had the huge luck to found the real old blood lines from the cattlemen in the north Spain, in the deep valleys in the «Encartaciones» region. This green mountains have had a native raze of bulls calling «Monchina», not as big as our Brave bulls to the Spanish fighting bulls, (just 350 kgrs) but very braves, too. IPO-I Arcadio del Corrican Since many centuries this type of animals are free eating on the mountains and in fall, the cattlemen went with their alanos to hold them, as the only way to get, to check or carry on to the towns. This way to handle the bulls is the reason why in Spain we have Spanish bulldogs since more than 700 years. Our Spanish alanos have been with us hunting, guarding our houses, or as war dog, overall in the big adventure of America, since 1.492. Little by little the Spanish alanos have been extinguished, or mixed, for many reasons that I have no to explain, now. But the place where our alano never disappeared was catching monchinas bulls in Las Encartaciones. Other breeds never were able develop the difficult job to hold a bull without causing damages. The spanish alanos just to hold the ears of the bulls, never fight between others, and can sleep together with the bulls in the van, thanks to a very and real selection from many centuries ago.
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Since we started in this small adventure of breeding my special bloodline, in 1994, we have made a lot of things with them. I had to check constantly that my selection of the most beautiful between the most functional, maintained the most high qualities skills: to hold brave bulls with the cattlemen from Santander or Vask country, hunting wild boar and deer with expert hunters in all Spain, training and check in K-9 with experts police trainers in Security dogs, or training in sport dogs with the best in Spain, getting the first RCI (IPO) of the breed or in mondioring. Diente del Corrican From our bloodline, for example, an alano have been twice Spanish Championship of Canicross. Also our best dogs have had to pass other difficult exam: living with my 3 sons as a real familiar dog. Now, I am very sure and comfortable with my bloodline, because I have put in exam in every real situation that I have founded. I make dysplasia test of everyone, and never breed a new litter if the parents don´t pass these tries:
  • Character test: sociability with people and other dogs.
  • Work try: one, two or three: defense, bulls or big game.
  • Tipicity exam of the breed.
  • Dysplasia veterinary test.
We have made many friends in all the world during these years, and we hope continue doing. Thanks to everybody who have helped to me to walk this hill and to my friends who never let me relaxing to put up the level of my breeding always, so the future puppies of CORRICAN SPANISH ALANOS enjoy of our best puppies. Joaquín Cárdenas +34 630 945 606